3 Links for Gesture Studies

Resources from Lingthusiasm, Tom Scott and Kensy Cooperrider

Today’s 3 links are for gesture studies: 

Lingthusiasm Episode 30: Why do we gesture when we talk?

YouTube video

An introduction to the gestures people use while they’re speaking. This video covers general features of co-speech gestures, the contexts in which we use gesture, gesture acquisition and cross-cultural variation. Video is 34m19s, with podcast audio-only available too. Closed captions in English (human-edited) and full transcript available. 

Why Do We Move Our Hands When We Talk?

YouTube video

A 4 minute introduction to the major categories of co-speech gestures. Includes description of iconic, metaphoric, deictic, pragmatic and beat gestures, as well as emblem gestures. Closed captions in English (human-edited). 

The way humans point isn’t as universal as you might think

Conversation article

An article from Kensy Cooperrider that explores variation in pointing gesture. I always use Kensy’s work when teaching about deictic gestures. I like to pair it with discussion of this video of people giving directions (you can talk about the ethics of the recording as well as the gesture variation!). 

A distraction:

No biggie, just Churchill casually giving a rude gesture (I wrote about the Up Yours gesture, and why Churchill knew *exactly* what he was doing, for Strong Language a few years ago)

I’m giving a Zoom talk about my work with Gretchen on emoji as digital gestures this Thursday 30th March at 1pm (Melbourne time). There are still a few tickets available. You can also hear about this work in episode 34 of Lingthusiasm

See you on Wednesday for a 3 Links post about Linguistics Communication (Lingcomm).

Lauren, Liz, Gretchen, and Kate


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