3 Links for Linguistics Careers Outside Academia

Today’s 3 links are for Linguistics Careers Outside Academia:

Working in Tech It's Not Just for Computational Linguists!
YouTube video
A recording of a seminar organised by the Linguistic Society of America Linguistics Beyond Academia Special Interest Group. Includes presentations from five linguists (00m-42m) working in a range of tech companies, and then a general discussion (42m-1h31m). Recorded September 26, 2018. 1h31m15s. English captions auto-generated. Hosted by Career Linguist Anna Marie Trester (you can download a sample chapter of her book Bringing Linguistics to Work).

Superlinguo Linguistics Jobs Interview series
Blog post series (Superlinguo)
Over 50 short interviews with people who studied linguistics (a single undergraduate subject through to a PhD) and then gone on to a wide variety of careers outside of academia. Interviews ask the same questions each time, but get very different answers.

Career advice: Linguistics + X
Blog post (All Things Linguistic)
A blog post from Gretchen McCulloch about taking your linguistics into any career path. Linguistics is the background that you already have, and X is whatever else you like doing or have experience in or can develop skills with. 

A distraction:

Maybe take ‘supervillain’ off your list of possible careers.

Via xkcd

See you next week for a 3 Links post about schwa.

Lauren and Gretchen

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