3 Links for Proto-Indo-European

Today’s 3 links are for Proto-Indo-European: 

History of English: “A Grimm Brother Resurrects the Dead (…language)”
Podcast episode
This is an early episode in Kevin Stroud’s prolific (over 130 episodes!) History of English Podcast, which tackles the development of the English language from its origins: the Proto-Indo-European language. Episode 4 discusses the origin of the Germanic languages out of PIE, the beginnings of historical linguistics, and Jacob Grimm’s “laws” for sound variation across descendents of PIE. 50m17s. The show’s website, which has maps and other helpful resources. Transcripts are only available to Patreon supporters.

Langfocus: “The Indo-European Connection”
YouTube video
In this video, Langfocus creator Paul Jorgensen explains the migrations of the Indo-European people and how their linguistic descendants are related. He also delves into noun inflection and sound change between Indo-European languages. 10m11s. Auto-generated captions.

NativLang: Reconstructing Proto-Languages
YouTube video
While this video does not specifically discuss Proto-Indo-European, it is an insightful introduction on how linguists go about reconstruction proto-languages. Using words from several Polynesian daughter languages, the speaker is able to hypothesise the ancestral proto-word. The video discusses how phonemic correspondence and sound change give clues to linguists working in reconstruction. 7m29s. Auto-generated captions. 


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News update: 

Welcome to Joel Broberg, who will be contributing 3 Links posts for the next few weeks. Joel’s choice of Proto-Indo-Euorpean this week chimes nicely with the latest Lingthusiasm episode Tracing languages back before recorded history.

See you next week for 3 Links about second language acquisition.

Lauren, Gretchen and Joel


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