3 Links for Second Language Acquisition

Jiyoung Choi, Lingthusiasm and The Ling Space

Today’s 3 links are for Second Language Acquisition: 

Understanding of heritage language acquisition: the case of heritage Korean by Jiyoung Choi
YouTube video
In this video Jiyoung Choi gives a summary of her work looking at three groups of Korean speakers; native speakers, second language learners and heritage speakers in France. This work focuses on question words and word order. 8m11s. Auto-generated English captions.

Lingthusiam Episode 10: Learning languages linguistically
Podcast episode
Having a background in linguistics or bilingualism can give students an advantage in learning a new language, and--inversely--acquiring new languages can inspire interest in linguistics! Lauren and Gretchen discuss the mental benefits of multilingualism, the power structures behind prestige languages, and their personal experiences in language acquisition. 38m54s. Relevant time stamp: 14:17- 24:34. Transcript available

The Ling Space: Transfer in SLA
YouTube video
How does your first language affect the way you learn an additional one? Moti Lieberman introduces linguistic baggage, how your native language hinders and helps one’s language-acquisition efforts, and how this baggage varies depending on the learner’s linguistic background, specifically in areas of phonology, syntax, and interpretation. 7m49s. Human-generated English captions w/ auto-translation options in 100+ languages. See also: The Ling Space’s Language Acquisition playlist.


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See you next week for 3 Links about Zero Morphemes.

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