3 Links for Second Year Psycholinguistics

Resources from Suzy Styles and The Virtual Linguistics Campus

Today’s 3 links are for second year psycholinguistics: 

Garden Path Sentence Explained with Suzy Styles

YouTube video

A 10-minute video discussing The horse raced past the barn fell and why it’s so difficult to understand. PowerPoint-style slides with voiceover. Content includes possible syntactic structures and additional context that might help with interpretation. Closed captions in English are auto-generated.

Crash Course in Sensory Psycholinguistics with Suzy Styles

Resource compilation

6-part PDF with extensive video and audio resource links, questions for synthesis, and additional suggestions such as web sites, apps, and journal articles. Intended as a self-guided exploration for learners with little to no relevant background. The first three sessions focus on introducing linguistics, phonetics, and phonology, with psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics coming to the forefront in Sessions 4 through 6.


Psycholinguistics with The Virtual Linguistics Campus 

YouTube video series

13 videos ranging from 10 to 15 minutes. PowerPoint-style slides with the speaker, Jürgen Handke, constantly visible, often displayed in a lower corner. In some cases, clearly labeled videos form a short series and should be watched in order. Topics include language processing, language acquisition, and a bit about neurolinguistics. Closed captions in English are auto-generated.

If you want to provide some introductory scaffolding: The Ling Space’s videos include many psycholinguistic concepts, with transcripts and supplementary material: http://www.thelingspace.com/psycholinguistics-episodes

A distraction: Language is hard.

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Thanks to Suzy Styles of Nanyang Technological University for submitting two of today’s links! As always, we welcome your requests and suggestions below. We hope that you’re managing to find your stride with online instruction this term, and getting through the many other things that feel hard right now.

See you on Wednesday for 3 links about field methods.

Liz, Lauren, Gretchen, and Kate

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