Crash Course Linguistics 6 (Pragmatics)

How does context affect meaning?

Week 6’s Crash Course Linguistics video helps viewers understand how context can affect meaning.

Topics include Gricean maxims, the cooperative principle, and politeness theory. In this week's Thought Bubble, Gav provides an introduction to turntaking, highlighting how the amount of silence when we chat can vary among cultures and conversations. Closed captions are available in English.

For a video more oriented toward testable course content, Clues to Meaning by The Ling Space focuses in detail on different types of meaning and how they interact with context: implicature, entailment, and presupposition. This 8-minute video has closed captions available in English, Chinese, and Portuguese, and the link above includes a brief written summary of the video as well as additional materials.

For a fun conversation about Gricean maxims, humor, and being annoying with language, check out the 33-minute Lingthusiasm episode Layers of meaning. This episode is available wherever you prefer to find podcasts, and a transcript is available here.

Grice’s Grifter Gadgets, a problem from the 2013 North American Computational Linguistics Open Competition, offers practice with Gricean maxims in the form of a card game featuring flying telepathic robots. Answers are available here.

Coming next week: resources about sociolinguistics!

Liz, Gretchen, and Lauren

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