Linguistics instructors are currently scrambling to move their courses online and there are resources online that can help, but it’s a lot of work to sort through what exists and figure out what makes sense for you to use. Do you really have time to watch a dozen youtube videos introducing the IPA just to decide which one to have your students watch? Probably not.

We’ve created this project to help. It’s called Mutual Intelligibility, because we’re trying to make resources and instructors more intelligible to each other. You can put your email here to get Mutual Intellibility newsletters direct in your inbox:

Mutual Intelligibility is produced by Lauren Gawne (Superlinguo) and Gretchen McCulloch (All Things Linguistic), with the support of our Lingthusiasm patrons. Our 3 Links editor is Liz McCullough and our Resource Guide contributor is Kate Whitcomb (Layman's Linguist).

There are two kinds of Mutual Intelligibility newsletters, both of which you can sign up for in the same place:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays: 3 Links about a specific topic, with a short description for each so you can easily figure out which ones are useful to assign to your students

  • Fridays: longer Resource Guides for a specific topic, a comprehensive lesson plan like a textbook’s supplementary material but entirely online

The newsletter and guides are free and will always remain free, but if you have a stable income and find that they’re reducing your stress and saving you time, we're able to fund these because of the Lingthusiasm Patreon and your contributions enable us to fund more guides, more quickly.

Other ways to help are by giving us ideas for future topics and sending us resource links (of either things you’ve made or have found useful) for potential inclusion in future newsletters. Or of course, simply by signing up!