Crash Course Linguistics - Preview and Syllabus

Crash Course are about to start a 16 week Intro to Linguistics. We'll be sharing these videos along with curated resources and activities.

The Mutual Intelligibility and Lingthusiasm production team, Gretchen McCulloch and Lauren Gawne, have teamed up with Crash Course for the 16 video series Crash Course Linguistics. We’re so excited to share this course with you!

Mutual Intelligibility is all about connecting linguistics teachers and students with accessible, high-quality online content. Over the 16 weeks of Crash Course Linguistics we’ll be sharing the latest video, some supporting resources and an activity. The activities are mostly curated from the International Linguistics Olympiad, which are a treasure trove of linguistics puzzle sets. We are delighted to welcome back our original 3 Links editor Liz McCullough to edit this series.

We look forward to sharing the next 16 weeks of this introduction to linguistics with you.

The Crash Course Syllabus:

Week 1 - Introduction
Week 2 - Morphology
Week 3 - Morphosyntax
Week 4 - Syntax
Week 5 - Semantics
Week 6 - Pragmatics
Week 7 - Sociolinguistics
Week 8 - Phonetics, Consonants
Week 9 - Phonetics, Vowels
Week 10 - Phonology
Week 11 - Psycholinguistics
Week 12 - Language acquisition
Week 13 - Historical linguistics and language change
Week 14 - Languages around the world
Week 15 - Computational linguistics
Week 16 - Writing systems

About Mutual Intelligibility

Mutual Intelligibility is a project to connect linguistics instructors with online resources, especially as so much teaching is shifting quickly online due to current events. It's produced by Lauren Gawne and Gretchen McCulloch, with the support of our patrons on Lingthusiasm. Our editor is Liz McCullough.

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For the 16 weeks of Crash Course Linguistics, Mutual Intelligibility will be sharing the video weekly, along with supporting resources. We will resume our regular link request and recommendations after the Crash Course Linguistics series. For more on how we usually operate, check out our about page.

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