Crash Course Linguistics 4 (Syntax)

How do sentences work?

Week 4’s Crash Course Linguistics video builds on last week’s introduction to grammar, with more detail about phrase and sentence structure.

Topics include diagramming structures using trees, descriptive grammatical rules, and recursion. Closed captions are available in English.

If trees have become more difficult for you and your students to tackle in this online world, check out this written guide about using a phone or tablet as a whiteboard in Zoom, and this syntax tree generator that creates tree diagrams from bracketed sequences. And if your course covers structural ambiguity, take a look at this 5-minute video for an engaging, detailed illustration thereof, with closed captions available in English.

For an extended conversational take on sentence structure, listen to The verb is the coat rack that the rest of the sentence hangs on, a 38-minute episode of Lingthusiasm. This episode is available wherever you prefer to find podcasts, and a transcript is available here.

For practice with bracketing phrases in English, see the exercise One, Two, Tree from the 2012 North American Computational Linguistics Open Competition (NACLO) exam (answers here). For practice with tree diagrams and structural ambiguity, see Ambiguous Sentences in English, an undated NACLO practice exercise (answers here).

Finally, the Resource Guide we shared in the spring and again last week includes some videos and activities specifically focused on syntactic trees.

Coming next week: resources about semantics!

Liz, Gretchen, and Lauren

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