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Mutual Intelligibility has been a year-long project to curate online linguistics resources. As teaching and learning shifted rapidly to internet-based mediums in early 2020, we wanted to help guide instructors and learners through some of the amazing linguistics content that’s already freely available online.

Below is a full collection of all of the posts that featured on Mutual Intelligibility. Our thanks to everyone who created the resources that we featured, to Liz McCullough for her editorial work, and to the Lingthusiasm patrons who helped us fund this project.

We currently do not have plans to continue with regular Mutual Intelligibility newsletters, but we will keep these existing posts publically available and you can keep an eye out for the occasional future email as we have relevant plans to share. For a more regular correspondence, you can get a monthly email when there’s a new Lingthusiasm episode (including supplementary links on that topic), by signing up at

Crash Course

To accompany the 16 weeks of 10-12 minute introductory videos on Crash Course Linguistics, we created a newsletter with supporting resources and related activity/activities, curated by Liz McCullough. The activities are mostly from the International Linguistics Olympiad and various national olympiads, which are a huge treasure trove of linguistics puzzle sets.

Resource Guides

These six Resource Guides provide a comprehensive lesson plan (like a textbook’s supplementary material but entirely online), and were compiled with the assistance of Kate Whitcomb. They are also available in PDF and Doc format.

  1. Introduction to IPA Consonants - Resource Guide 1

  2. Introduction to IPA Vowels - Resource Guide 2

  3. Introduction to Morphology - Resource Guide 3

  4. Introduction to Constituency - Resource Guide 4

  5. Introduction to World Englishes - Resource Guide 5

  6. Introduction to Linguistic Diversity - Resource Guide 6

3 Links Posts

3 Links posts are quick highlights lists of three relevant links about a specific topic, with a short description for each of the three resources. We produced twenty-three 3 Links posts in 2020, most of which were edited by Liz McCullough, with other contributors noted on the posts themselves.

Thanks to everyone who has been following us and sending in questions and links over the past year. It’s been our privilege to help make a rough year somewhat easier for you.

Lauren, Gretchen, Liz, and the rest of the Mutual Intelligibility team

About Mutual Intelligibility

Mutual Intelligibility is a project to connect linguistics instructors with online resources, especially as so much teaching is shifting quickly online due to current events. It's produced by Lauren Gawne and Gretchen McCulloch, with the support of our patrons on Lingthusiasm. Our editor is Liz McCullough.

Mutual Intelligibility posts will always remain available free, but if you have a stable income and find that they’re reducing your stress and saving you time, we're able to fund these because of the Lingthusiasm Patreon and your contributions there.

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